A Healthy and Mindful Way of Life is the Key to
Contentment, Happiness and Well-Being


How do we eat healthfully? And how does nutrition influence our health and well-being? Which diet is the right one and which nutrients can be found in individual foods? Find a comprehensive answer to all these questions here.

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Dietary Supplements

What are dietary supplements and which ones are useful? For whom are dietary supplements recommended and which health problems can they help? What are the side effects of dietary supplements and how much of them should one take? Read more about supplements here.

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Mindful Lifestyle

The way we live has a great influence on our health and well-being. A mindful lifestyle is the best form of prevention and also the key to a long and healthy path to old age. Become active and take responsibility for your own body.

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Diagnosis and Therapy

Special diagnostic methods and therapies can often follow a holistic therapy approach. The immune system and intestinal health play an outstanding role in holistic health, as well as the special use of salt, oxygen and nutrients.

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Three particular illnesses -- allergies, food intolerance and obesity -- are of particular interest to me, especially how relief and healing can be achieved through holistic therapy. The willingness to change one's lifestyle plays a key role.

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Dr. Barbara Hendel

As a doctor, nutritionist, business school graduate and author of numerous health guides, my daily work focuses on preventive and holistic health. I view humans in their entirety -- body, mind and spirit --  with the goal of eradicating illness rather than only suppressing the symptoms.

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