Scientist examines sample through a microscope

Molecular "switch" boosts fat burning

Good news for those who want to lose weight: An international team of scientists has discovered a "switch" in the fat cells of mice and humans that helps to burn excess pounds. When a certain protein component called the Gq protein is blocked, white fat cells turn into energy-consuming, heat-producing brown fat cells.

Compared to white fat cells, brown fat cells have an advantage in that they consume energy by releasing fat calories in the form of heat. The goal of the researchers was to find out how harmful white fat cells can be converted into desirable brown fat cells. As a result, new drugs can be developed to combat obesity, which leads to many diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. The studies are still at an early stage.

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Eine Mücke ist gerade im Begriff zuzustechen.

How to protect ourselves from mosquitoes and ticks

Heavy rainfall and humid weather provide mosquitoes with ideal conditions for rapid reproduction. When the sun finally emerges during a rainy summer, mosquitoes immediately attack, making us flee from the open air and back into our closed houses and apartments.

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A young nurse holds the hand of an elderly woman

Omega-3 fatty acids boost an aging brain

The topic of aging becomes increasingly more important to us, especially when it comes to being self-sufficient in old age. The prerequisite for such independence is sufficient memory. While memory change and loss can be attributed to some extent to the ageing process, both can be significantly slowed down by appropriate measures.

Currently, no effective treatments exist for memory loss. In order to uphold memory performance and therefore also the independence of older people for as long as possible, doctors and scientists continually look for new remedies. This makes targeted prevention in healthy elderly patients crucial for maintaining brain performance for as long as possible. Taking dietary supplements is one such measure that can be easily integrated into daily life.

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Woman drinking freshly brewed coffee

Coffee prevents weight gain

For many of us, the morning cup of coffee is indispensable. It kickstarts the day. But coffee consumption is often portrayed as harmful to health. No good reason exists for this; in fact, it's quite the opposite. Coffee has many good qualities. Among them, it activates the metabolism and is considered as a good scavenger against radicals, which helps to counteract the aging process.

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Cross-section of the brain indicating brain damage

Detect and prevent strokes

More than 795,000 people in the US suffer a stroke every year. Strokes rank as the fifth most frequent cause of death and the most frequent cause of long-term disability. A stroke attack occurs when the brain is no longer supplied with sufficient blood to transport oxygen and nutrients. About 87 percent of strokes occur when a blood clot blocks a vessel. However, strokes can also result from a burst brain artery, resulting in the dreaded cerebral hemorrhage.

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