It's so easy to strengthen coordination and balance

Over the years, we lose more and more of our balance if we do not train for it specifically. Why not do something for it in the morning and improve coordination and posture at the same time? The simplest things are often the best. The exercise that I suggest here is one of them.

Woman brushing her teeth

Balancing when brushing teeth

Brushing teeth is a hygiene measure practiced by practically everyone. Use this time to train your balance. This is how it works:
When brushing your teeth, stand on one leg and hold the position as long as possible. Halfway through brushing your teeth, change to the other leg and try to stand on that one leg as long as possible. If you are shaky standing on one leg, this is a clear sign that your sense of balance is not ideal and that it is time to do something about it. By doing this exercise while brushing your teeth, the insecurity of standing on one leg will soon disappear and you will be able to stand on one leg more confidently each day. And at some point when the task seems too easy, you should increase the level of difficulty.

Increase the level of difficulty

One possibility is to do the exercise with your eyes closed. Or turn the raised leg outwards or stretch it forwards or backwards. Make sure that you do not forget to brush your teeth.

Added benefit

In addition to strengthening your sense of balance, this simple exercise also activates your deep leg muscles. This exercise is especially ideal for older people. It prevents falls, improves posture, strengthens muscles and prevents you from stumbling.

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