Omega-3 fatty acids boost an aging brain

The topic of aging becomes increasingly more important to us, especially when it comes to being self-sufficient in old age. The prerequisite for such independence is sufficient memory. While memory change and loss can be attributed to some extent to the ageing process, both can be significantly slowed down by appropriate measures.

Currently, no effective treatments exist for memory loss. In order to uphold memory performance and therefore also the independence of older people for as long as possible, doctors and scientists continually look for new remedies. This makes targeted prevention in healthy elderly patients crucial for maintaining brain performance for as long as possible. Taking dietary supplements is one such measure that can be easily integrated into daily life.

A young nurse holds the hand of an elderly woman

Study confirms increased memory performance

One way to boost an aging brain and improve memory is to take omega-3 fatty acids, as results of a study now confirm. Over a six-month study period, researchers studied the influence of this dietary supplement on healthy, older people and saw memory strength increase significantly among the test participants in this time.

The scientists investigated the effects of taking 2,200 mg of omega-3 fatty acids daily over six months on memory. Subjects who received omega-3 fatty acids saw improved results on memory tasks more than people who took a placebo in the form of sunflower oil, which scientists attributed to the vascular cleansing effect of omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists did not find any evidence, however, of better language-learning ability. The results of the study point to a long-term strategy of targeted use of selected dietary supplements to maintain or improve cognitive performance in old age.

In a next step, scientists will study the efficacy of a combined administration of omega-3 fatty acids with vitamin B. Early studies from Oxford University suggest a result in synergistic effects.

Source: Külzow N et al. Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation on Memory Functions in Healthy Older Adults. J Alzheimers Dis 2016; 51: 713-725

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