Relaxation massage: Pampering for the soul

Massage studios are booming again, especially when the days get shorter in the fall and people focus again on themselves. In contrast to medical massages, relaxation massages are said only to have a pampering dimension. On closer examination, however, they are much more.

Woman enjoying back massage

Touch is our most important sensory perception. It is the first of all senses to be trained. The sensory receptors of the skin develop already in the seventh week of pregnancy, long before the embryo can hear, taste or smell. Millions of tactile cells pick up the touch stimuli and relay them to the brain. An experiment in the 13th century showed that touch is even important for survival. Newborns who grew up without talking or physical attention died. For adults, too, an encouraging hand on the shoulder, a gentle touch or a hug is important not only for well-being, but also for health. Scientific studies show that touching has a direct effect on our hormonal balance, our thinking and our actions.

Massages produce a special stimulus, which is absorbed by the tactile sensors and transmitted to the brain at lightning speed via the nerve paths. The hormone oxytocin, also called the "love hormone," is then released. At the same time, body contact stimulates the production of endorphins, our "happiness hormones." They reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Touching helps us to relax and to feel good. Numerous medical studies demonstrate the benefit of touch. It relieves pain, relaxes asthma patients and improves memory in Alzheimer's patients.

The fact that our society is becoming less touch-oriented not only leads to feelings of loneliness, but also to many physical problems. A survey in Germany showed that almost every second German feels embraced too little. No wonder the lack of caresses from a partner result in an overflow at massage studios.

Perhaps with this article I can encourage you to be more consciously affectionate again with your partner. A hug, a tender caress or a back massage after a hard day can be a real proof of love, and pampers both body and soul.

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