Schüßler salts and their use

There are twelve mineral salts, which 19th-century German doctor Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler hailed as having amazing healing effects. The physician, who practiced in northern Germany, spent his entire life studying homeopathy and the mineral balance of humans. From his findings he developed a healing method that he called "biochemistry." Forgotten for decades, the Schüßler salts today enjoy great popularity in the field of self-medication.

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The background of Schüßler salts

Schüßler recognized the importance of minerals for proper functioning of the human cell. Each minerals is assigned a different task, and a lack of minerals quickly leads to functional disorders. Therefore, minerals must always be present in the body in the right quantities. Schüßler concluded that many diseases arise from a lack of minerals. The decisive factor for the doctor, however, was not the overall mineral balance, but rather the environment within the cell. Schüßler was of the opinion that even if a mineral substance was sufficiently present in the body, there could be a deficiency in the cell. He called this phenomenon "molecular distribution disorder," meaning the right salt is not at the right place at the right time.

Healing salts should harmonize the mineral balance

It is important for the consumer to know that Schüßler salts do not contain any minerals. For example, those who suffer from magnesium deficiency can NOT compensate for it with the Schüßler salt, or "magnesium phosphoricum." The deficiency can only be eliminated through food or magnesium supplements. Rather, Schüßler salts are homeopathic remedies that are intended only to regulate the disease. They are designed to help the body open the cells to the minerals and to get the minerals where they are needed. The ingestioneof healing salts stimulates the body to regain balance. The doctor was of the opinion that the cell can better absorb and utilize the minerals in homeopathic form. And so Schüßler developed homeopathically diluted minerals, which today, named after him, are known as Schüßler salts.

Self-treatment with Schüßler salts

Schüßler salts are suitable for self-treatment. Among other things, they should help with everyday ailments, regulate the acid-base balance, strengthen the immune system and strengthen nerves. For correct application, it is advisable to get informed about the use and application of Schüßler salts. In Germany, Schüßler salts can be found in any pharmacy. In the US, you may have to ask for "Schuessler salts" at pharmacies that specialize in homeopathic treatments. You can not do anything wrong, because even if you select a salt that does not meet your needs, it may not help you but it also will not hurt you. Your body simply excretes it.

The most important effects of the 12 Schüßler salts

Minerals Potency Effect
Calcium fluoratum D 12 For skin, nail and bone problems
supports healing and growth, has an invigorating and strengthening effect
Calcium phosphoricum D 6 For skin, nail and bone problems
supports healing and growth, has an invigorating and strengthening effect
Ferrum phosphoricum D 12 Relieves inflammation, heals injuries
Kalium chloratum D 6 Heals inflamed mucous membranes
Kalium phosphoricum D 6 Strengthens muscles and nerves, helps with exhaustion
Kalium sulfuricum D 6 For chronic inflammations and skin diseases
Magnesium phosphoricum D 6 For pain, neuralgia and cramps
Natrium chloratum D 6 Regulates the fluid balance
Natrium phosphoricum D 6 Normalizes the metabolism
Natrium sulfuricum D 6 Stimulates excretion and detoxification
Silicea D 12 Strengthens tendons, cartilage and bones
Calcium sulfuricum D 6 Drains pus

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