Tips for a cold

Curing a normal cold should be easy for modern medicine. But it isn't. Colds come from viruses against which there is no medicine to cure. The only way to counteract a cold is to strengthen the immune system. The best strategies for strengthening your self-healing powers are listed in the following article.

Young woman with scarf and vitamins rests on couch

Healing with heat

The word "cold" already gives it away: Hardly anything weakens our body more than cold, making us susceptible to infection. When we freeze, the blood vessels constrict and the blood flow to the mucous membranes automatically decreases. This is how our body protects itself from heat loss. At the same time, however, fewer defense cells enter the mucous membranes, giving the viruses an easy job. Viruses are very sensitive to heat. Even a mild fever can kill viruses. But very few people get a high temperature when they catch a cold. With a hot bath, the body can be put into a kind of artificial fever. The water should be so hot that it can barely be withstood, and a bath in it should last at least 30 minutes. Run the hot water again and again. This procedure is made even more effective when adding one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of salt to the bath, preferably crystal salt. Hot foot baths, hot water bottles, scarves, teas or a warm soup -- any form of warmth -- will also get the immune system going. Should a fever of up to 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 degrees Fahrenheit) come on, avoid suppressing it with medication, because heat offers the most effective self-healing mechanism for a body with a cold.

Boosting the immune system with sleep and rest

When we are will, we feel tired and weak. The best thing you can do in this case is to give in to the feelings and lie down. Because only during sleep can the immune system concentrate on the production of immunoactive cells that destroy infected cells and thereby prevent viruses from spreading further. A nasal rinse with a one-percent water-crystal salt solution, for example, helps to prevent such cold symptoms as runny noses or coughs from disturbing sleep as much as possible. If you have a cold but don't feel ill, you don't have to lie on the sofa all day long, but you should take it easy. Walks in fresh air can be very helpful. They keep the circulation going and at the same time release hormones that improve the mood. It is important to dress warmly. Above all, keep the feet warm. The temperature of the feet has a direct effect on the blood circulation to the mucous membranes found in the nasopharynx region and in the bladder.

For those who can't afford to be ill

It's been said a cold lasts seven days without medication and a week with medication. However, therapies do exist to shorten this time frame, or if the treatment is started in time with the first cold symptoms, may prevent a cold from breaking out. We are talking about infusions with high doses of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that benefit the immune system. In particular, high does of vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium and zinc play a role here. Also the addition of homeopathic flu solutions, such as Engystol or Gripp Heel, proved themselves. Such infusions are carried out by naturopathic doctors. Just ask your doctor.

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