Tips to staying slim

The desire for quick weight loss is understandable. Better to "suffer" for a few weeks than to prolong the whole thing for months, many dieters say. But this is not exactly how sustainable weight loss works.

Breakfast with scrambled eggs, orange juice and coffee

No crash diets

Those who lose more than half a kilo (1 pound) per week will soon experience the yo-yo effect. The reason: Sparing too many calories puts our into artificial starvation mode. When we eat normally again, our body builds up its reserves for the next food shortage. Those who want to lose weight sustainably cannot avoid a permanent change in diet. Of course we must reduce the number of calories we consume, but we should still be able to eat enough. This means choosing foods that contain relatively few calories in relation to our weight. Satiety is not caused by the amount of calories consumed, but by the volume and weight of the food eaten. An individual nutrition plan that takes these factors into account can be of valuable help.

Confuse your metabolism

In order for us to slim down, the fat from our fat cells must be sent via the blood into the body's cells and burned there. The problem: Fat cells are smart. As soon as we decide to eat less for several days, our fat cells put the burn on low flame. The result: We lose hardly any weight. The slimming trick: Confuse your metabolism by eating different levels of calories every day. For instance: Monday 1,800 calories, Tuesday 800 calories, Wednesday 2,000 calories, Thursday 1,700 calories. In this way the metabolism can not adapt and there is no standstill in fat burning.

Never skip breakfast

For a powerful start to the day, the body needs the fresh energy boost it gets from breakfast. When this energy boost is missing, the body gets its energy in the next fastest way: Directly from the muscles. This means we starve our muscles but the fat sticks around. And because every pound of muscle burns 65 calories a day even at rest, we will have to eat even less in the future if we don't want to gain weight.

Avoid sitting too long

Israeli scientists made an amazing discovery. Our body weight, which rests on body tissue while sitting, stimulates fat production. It seems that if we remain sedentary for too long, our body weight puts a strain on the tissue cells. The cells react by storing more fat than nutrients. If you have a sedentary job, you should always get up and walk around in between. A standing desk can also help.

Regular exercise instead of weekend warrior

If we move regularly, the ways in which fat is transported from fat deposits to the muscles increase and we burn more fat. If we exert ourselves too much, however, the muscles get their energy faster from protein and carbohydrates. The result: The body hardly burns any fat.

Slimming trick for a sweet tooth

Who doesn't know the feeling of sitting on the coach in the evening and suddenly wanting something sweet? My advice: Brush your teeth and your cravings for sweets will be reduced. It works for me!

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