Diagnosis & Therapy

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine uses both conventional medicine and naturopathic diagnostics and healing methods. The focus is always on the human being as a whole. The aim is to unite body, mind and soul in order to treat the whole body with all of its diversity.

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Immune System

The immune system plays a central role in our health. It not only defends against bacteria, viruses or fungi, but also controls "inwards," such as in the destruction of cancer cells, which occur daily in our body, or in the removal of age-altered cells. An imbalanced immune system is responsible for triggering allergies.

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Intestinal Health

A healthy intestine, comparable to the roots of a tree, is the source of a powerful, vital organism and forms the basis for a healthy body. Many of our foods today are denatured, low in fiber and contaminated with toxins. Many diseases can be cured with the help of intestinal rehabilitation, accompanied by an individually tailored diet.

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Bioenergetics is based on the idea that a life energy supports traditional bodily processes. It is analagous to quantum physics, which in contrast to traditional physics, also includes biophysical processes. The knowledge of this life energy has been present for thousands of years in many cultures: The Indians call it "Prana", in Japan "Reiki," and in China it is described as "Qi".

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Homeopathy is one of the most gentle healing methods and is particularly popular in the treatment of children. Homeopathic remedies regulate the disease process. The symptoms are not suppressed, but rather the self-healing powers of the body are stimulated, so that body and psyche find their balance again and health is restored.

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Salt Applications

Salt has a long tradition as a remedy, especially in Germany and Austria. The brine drinking cure, for example, is still a popular therapeutic measure during spa stays. But also nasal rinses with saline solution to moisten the nasal mucous membrane, and skin exfoliations from salt and oil mixtures, are popular applications. These old proven therapies have experienced a renaissance, as I write in my book, "Water & Salt."

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Oxygen Therapies

Oxygen is necessary for cell metabolism and therefore for life itself. Stress and high daily demands, as well as a lack of exercise and the natural aging process, all lead to oxygen deficiency symptoms in the body and thus to restricted energy metabolism. Oxygen therapies can activate the metabolism, improve well-being, increase energy and mobilize the body's defenses.

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Mineral and Vitamin Transfusions

Transfusions with minerals and vitamins are recommended for those who are deficient and want quick, effective renewal to achieve an immediate effect. The treatment takes place once or twice a week, for a total of six to eight times. Mineral-vitamin cocktails are individually customized to remedy deficiencies.

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