Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a bioenergetic therapy method that works with the body's own and other vibration frequencies. Its main function aims on one hand at the bioenergetic equilibrium, on the other hand at the "extinction" of certain negative vibrations, such as that of an allergen. If the vibration of a certain allergen is detected in the electroacupuncture test, this can be eliminated with mirror image oscillation. The therapy is free of side effects, painless and can even be used for infants.


Bioresonance machine

Bioresonance therapy can be used in many ways, but one of main functions is in allergy treatment. Its therapy approach resides in a resonance phenomenon: If two mirror-image vibrations meet, they are neutralized. The allergen loses its disease-causing effect until it is finally "erased."

What sounds like magic works as follows: The vibration pattern of the allergen is inverted into its mirror image with the help of an appropriate device and then passed back to the patient. The allergy sufferer therefore receives the inverted information of the allergen (e.g. cow's milk, animal hair, pollen, strawberry, etc.). If the mirror image vibration now meets the original vibration in the body, the wave is neutralized. With the discovery of bioresonance it is thus possible to "erase" an allergy to a certain substance. In practice, this means that a cow milk allergy sufferer, for example, can eat cow milk products again without allergic reaction after successful therapy. The procedure is free of side effects and can even be used for infants.