Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV)

Electroacupuncture (EAV) is a modern diagnostic procedure that works with the body's own and external oscillation frequencies. The method is based on a combination of traditional Chinese acupuncture and electronic homeopathy.

The advantage to EAV is to detect bodily malfunctions and unknown causes of diseases that remain undiscovered by conventional test procedures. The essential basics of electroacupuncture are confirmed by scientific findings in quantum physics and biophysics, but not yet accepted by the current conventional medicine.

A healthy body is in an energetic equilibrium. With holistic energy medicine, notable benefits can be seen immediately in both chronic and acute illnesses. Even inflammations especially in the dental area can be detected, therapy obstacles solved, allergies tested, and toxic stress detected and eliminated. This full-body check-up enables an early diagnosis before the onset of the disease and thus represents a genuine preventive medicine.

During EAV testing, energetic potentials are measured at certain acupuncture points with the aid of a resistance meter. If, for example, a potential allergen is introduced to the measuring circuit, it can be concluded from the change in value whether the patient is allergic to this substance or not. Electroacupuncture is a simple test procedure that can be performed without great effort, does not disturb the patient, and can be of great significance in the hands of a trained therapist.

The test is performed with special test tubes or with original substances brought by the patient, such as food, house dust, bed feathers, animal hair, etc. In particular, masked and chronic food allergies to cow's milk or wheat, in which there is no direct correlation between allergen and symptom, can be discovered using EAV testing and not through conventional test methods. An indispensable prerequisite for this testing, however, is mastery of the electroacupuncture technique and a great deal of hands-on experience.