Finding the right remedy

Selecting the right homeopathic remedy does not depend primarily on the diagnosis of the disease, but on the symptoms of the disease. It is crucial to know both the characteristic and individual symptoms of the disease. This requires a long period of observation and a high level of professional competence. The approach in homeopathy is completely different to that in conventional medicine, and requires especially from doctors, a high degree of willingness to rethink traditional measures.

In contrast to conventional medicine, homeopathy offers for example many different remedies for colds, depending on the severity of the cold. Another remedy for watery nasal secretion is necessary than that for thick yellowish-green mucus or an itchy nose. Therefore, before any homeopathic treatment can be administered, a patient must be interviewed in detail:

  • How long has the illness existed?
  • Where are the symptoms?
  • How do the symptoms manifest themselves?
  • Are there any notable symptoms?
  • What unusual symptoms have been noted?

  • What improves or worsens the symptoms?
  • Are there any special needs or preferences?
  • What is the patient's mood or mental state?

And so on...

Choosing the right treatment requires a high level of expertise. For this reason, complex means have been developed that make it possible to select a treatment after diagnosis. This also allows the patient to choose homeopathic remedies without having to consult a homeopathic doctor.