Homeopathic Potencies

To ensure that even very toxic substances can be used without risk to the patient, the active ingredients in homeopathic treatments must be diluted several times. Dr. Hahnemann found that the more the drug was diluted, the more intensive the effect. Hahnemann therefore introduced the word "potentiate."

Distinctions among X-, C-, M- and LM-potencies:

  • X represents a dilution in a ratio of 1:10

  • C represents a dilution in a ratio 1:100

  • M represents a dilution in a ratio 1:1000

  • LM or Q represents a dilution in a ratio 1:50 000

For example, to produce a X1 potency, one drop of the initial substance is mixed with nine drops of alcohol and then shaken. If you take another drop of this X1 potency and dilute it with nine drops of alcohol, you get the potency X2. At a C potency, one drop of original substance is mixed with 99 parts of alcohol and then shaken.

Distinctions are made among low potencies, medium potencies and high potencies, which all act on different levels. One speaks of low potencies up to a potentiation of X12, respectively X12. Medium potencies reach up to X30 or C30. With a potentiation over 30, one speaks of high potencies. Basically, low potencies are chosen for acute symptoms, while medium and high potencies work up to the psychological level.

Homepathic Complex Remedies

It requires a great deal of expertise and experience to find the right individual homeopathic remedy for certain ailments. It also takes a lot of time.

Homeopathic complex remedies are intended to make it easier for untrained doctors and patients to use them. Complex remedies are usually composed of the most important individual homeopathic remedies for a specific diagnosis. For example, there are complex remedies for colds, arthritis, menopausal symptoms and sleep disorders.

Traditional homeopaths often reject complex remedies because they do not correspond to the homeopathic notion. Experience shows, however, that complex remedies can work very well and be applied without much prior knowledge. For this group of people I have developed complex remedies for different indications that correspond particularly well with homeopathy.