The Homeopathic Medicine Chest

Minor symptoms and illnesses are often treated by the patients themselves without consulting a doctor. Some homeopathic remedies in low potencies are well suited for self-medication because they are easy to administer and cause no side effects.

The Homeopathic Medicine Chest

Aconitum X12

The first remedy for sudden ailments. Always take a dose of five globules at the beginning of each illness. In the case of acute fever without sweating, repeat this dose three times in a row at hourly intervals.

Allium cepa X6

For use in relieving watery rhinitis, sore and red nose due to burning secretions; hay fever; watery eyes; conjunctivitis of the eye; inflammation of the throat, nose and throat.

Apis mellifica X12

For use in treating insect bites with inflammation; relieves hot, swollen bite areas, cools burning pain, treats fever blisters.

Arnica X12

For use on injuries, bruising, bruising, overexertion, feeling of exhaustion in the body, sore muscles.

Arsenicum album X12

For use in relieving burning pain; burning eczema; jellyfish bites; dry cough in the evening when lying down; violent vomiting with bile, phlegm and blood; diarrhea; stomach pain; symptoms that worsen after midnight.

Belladonna X12

For use in treating fever with sweating, headaches, flu; for sore throats in combination with Hepar sulfuris.

Bryonia X12

For use in relieving back pain aggravated by movement and stress; dry cough; for pneumonia in alternation with phosphorus.

Cantharis X12

For relief of burns including sunburn; cystitis; burning sensation when urinating; additionally in alternation with Berberis

Carbo vegetabilis X12

For use in explosive diarrhea that does not stop; flatulence; weak circulation with feeling of being cold.

Chamomilla X12

For use as children's remedy for teething, temper tantrums, earache, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Colocynthis X12

For use in relief of stinging pain, sharp abdominal pain; intense, severe stomach pain.

Cuprum metallicum X12

For relief of muscle cramps and asthma; whooping cough with vomiting.

Eupatorium perfoliatum X12

For use in treatment of flu with accompanying feeling of being knocked-out; irritable bladder.

Euphrasis X6

For use in burning, inflamed or irritated eyes; hay fever; sensitivity to light; swollen eyelids; intense watery eyes.

Ferrum phosphoricum X12

For relief of fever with headache; at the beginning of middle ear infections; shoulder pain, especially on the right side; general ear pain.

Gelsemium X12

For use in treatment of heart anxiety; headache; dizziness; shakiness and general weakness.

Hepar sulfur X12

For treatment of inflammations with pus; for tonsillitis in conjunction with Belladonna.

Hypericum X12

For relief of tingling nerves; for treatment of injuries in conjunction with Ruta and Arnica.

Ignatia X12

For relief of suppressed grief and troubles that eat away at oneself.

Ipecacuanha X12

For use in treating cough with phlegm; nausea with vomiting.

Kalium bichromicum X12

For treatment of nasal sinusitis or frontal sinusitis; for croup, cough with thich, yellowish mucus; sore throat.

Magnesium phosphoricum X12

For relief of muscle cramps and nerve pain.

Mercurius solubilis X12

For use in treatment of pus, ulcers, toothache, sweating, bad breath.

Nux vomica X12

For relief of nausea and abdominal pain immediately after eating and alcohol consumption; hangover remedy.

Phosphorus X12

For use in treatment of acute bleeding, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Pulsatilla X12

For treatment of influenza and colds in combination with fever and chills; cough with yellowish-green mucus; digestive problems with diarrhea and vomiting; sensitivity to light; lack of thirst.

Rhus toxicodendron X12

For relief of back pain caused by a cold, wet soaking or overexertion, worsening at rest and improving through activity; possibly in alternation with Ruta.

Ruta X6

For treatment of back pain and inflamed or blocked veins; results from bruising; strained bones, tendons and ligaments.

Symphytum X6

For bone injuries and poorly healing bone injuries; ligament and tendon injuries; tendon sheath inflammations.

Veratrum album X12

In case of low blood pressure, circulatory collapse.