Colon hydrotherapy, or bowel cleansing

The most effective form of gut cleansing is colon hydrotherapy, a modern version of colon irrigation using a device developed by NASA in the US. Colon hydrotherapy offers an hygienic, safe and painless bowel cleansing. Patients who have been treated in this way often sound euphoric about the improvement in their health. The therapy also simultaneously introduces healthy intestinal bacteria in order to rebuild a balanced gut bacteria.

Doctor and patient at bowel cleansing

During intestinal irrigation, the patient lies comfortably on a treatment couch, usually on his or her back. Warm water flushes from a plastic tube into the intestine in several waves and is then discharged. The obvious advantage of this procedure is that the entire colon is hygienically flushed with water via a closed system. Through a gentle abdominal massage, the therapist can feel the problem areas and direct the flowing water exactly to these segments. The discharging effect of the water along with simultaneous warm and cool stimulation of the intestines cause them to start working effectively again, and to excrete any accumulated intestinal byproducts.

Colon hydrotherapy enables a more intensive, thorough colon cleansing and regeneration than previously possible. It is clean and odorless, and described by patients as pleasant. Some patients describe the effects on their well-being in euphoric terms. Colon hydrotherapy is usually performed as a specialized spa treatment with a total of six rinses applied twice a week.