Sole Eye Wash

An eye wash with a one-percent salt solution is a simple but very effective therapy for dry or strained eyes. The salt stores itself in the mucous membrane and binds the moisture.

For an eye bath you need an eye cup, preferably made of glass. Mix an approximately one percent Sole solution consisting of one gram (1/4 tsp) of crystal salt and 100 milliliters (3 cups) of lukewarm water. This concentration corresponds approximately to the salt concentration of the tear fluids and therefore does not burn the eye membranes, as with freshwater or seawater.



Before making an eye wash, thoroughly clean eyelashes and eyelids of makeup.

Fill the eye cup with the Sole solution and press the cup gently yet firmly against entire area eye to prevent water from leaking. (See pictures A and B)

Place your head slightly back so that the eye is covered by the Sole solution. Open and close the eyelashes several times so that the Sole solution can soak the eyes. (See picture B)

Open eyes, let the Sole solution circulate around the eye membrane for several minutes. (See picture C)

Best used for:

  1. Dry eyes
  2. Eyestrain (computer work)
  3. Hay fever
  4. Age-related defense
  5. Eye infections