A special type of salt bath is the floating tank. Experiencing a salt floating tank is unique: Freed from space and time, you undertake a journey into your deepest interior.

American brain researcher John Lilly researched the human state of suspension in the early 1950s. Initially, his findings were used by NASA to give astronauts a feeling of weightlessness during training. All floating tanks are based on one principle: To float in a closed tank filled with highly concentrated salt.

Frau liegt in einem Floatarium

Floating in Prenatal Medium

During floating you are completely isolated from the outside world. In a floating tank you can't hear or see anything. In addition, the brine as well as the room temperature are adjusted to normal body temperature, so that the body does not need its own energy to stay equalized. In decades of experiments and studies, Dr. Lilly showed that our brain is active even when we are not exposed to any external sensory stimulus. Our subconscious is always active.

Initally in flotation tanks, only magnesium sulphate was used. However, the newly gained knowledge of biophysics about natural crystal salt led to the use of a pure crystal salt brine with all its natural elements in its unspoiled state. When bathing in this medium, we actually enter an embryonic-like state: The so-called prenatal phase. Our body is now energy-wise in the same frequency spectrum that corresponds to its original state. The conscious feeling of one's own self awakens.

Resolution of obstacles through deep relaxation

The therapeutic effect of floating is so overwhelming that it can also be used for other purposes. For example, it has been shown an improvement in performance during sporting activity occurs after floating, information which is used by top athletes before competitions. Deep relaxation reduces muscle pain by reducing lactic acid production and increasing the release of beta endorphins. Visualizations and imagination exercises during floating not only improve coordination and strengthen consciousness, but it also remove blockages and energy accumulation in the body and mind.

When floating, both halves of the brain are equally active. Therefore there are also numerous artists and other creative people who use this benefit on body and mind to bolster creativity.

After a float, signs of stress disappear from the face and the body is completely relaxed. Many have the feeling of being in the most pleasant place on earth to relax and recharge their batteries. Every person should at least once in his or her life enjoy the experience of a crystal salt floating tank.

Benefits of a Floating Tank

Many scientific studies have shown that a stay in a floating tank presents an excellent method of reducing stress.

Blood pressure is normalized, regardless of whether it is too high or too low.

Rheumatic complaints are reduced.

The immune system is strengthened.

In many cases, weight loss is noticeable.

We float in a primordial ocean solution that corresponds to our physical body. We can regenerate completely without being distracted by any external stimuli.

The floating state stimulates the production of endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, and strengthens our general well-being.

Deep relaxation regulates our breathing and blood circulation. Free of gravity. we can experience an indescribable healing effect. Body, mind and soul experience their individuality in an incomparable way.