Sole Nasal Rinse

A nasal rinse using a one-percent saline solution is an established household remedy for nasopharyngeal ailments.

The most frequent cause of diseases in the nasal region is dehydration of the mucous membranes. Salt binds moisture in the mucous membrane and strengthens the immune system.

Nasal washers or nasal rinse pots, which are available in pharmacies and online, are suitable for nasal rinse. For reasons of hygiene, nasal rinsers made of glass or ceramic are preferable to those made of plastic.



Women using nasal rinse pot

For nasal rinses, prepare an approximately one percent Sole solution. To do this, dissolve two grams (1/2 teaspoon) of crystal salt in 200 milliliters (7 fluid ounces) of lukewarm water. This concentration corresponds approximately to the salt concentration of our body fluids and therefore does not burn the nasal passages, unlike with freshwater or seawater.

Bend your head over the sink and position the spout of the nasal rinsing pot at the entry to your nostril. Keep your mouth closed. Angle your head slightly forward and tilt it to the other side. By lifting the index finger, the brine flows into one nostril and out of the other at the same time. Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril.

The one-percent Sole solution can also be used as a rinse for mucous membrane inflammations in the mouth and throat.


Best used for:

  • Sinusitis
  • Chronic cold
  • Crusty nose
  • Hay fever
  • Acute upper respiratory tract infections