Salt Water Sole Drink

The earliest written records of drinking salt water cures, called Sole, date from the middle of the 16th century. The most important spas of that time were Baden by Vienna in Austria and Bad Ems, Bad Kissingen and Wiesbaden in Germany.

The Sole drink is still a popular therapeutic measure during spa stays today. Drinking cures are among the most frequent spa treatments in Central Europe. However, a Sole can also be prepared at home.

How to prepare your crystal salt sole.

Sole Drink

Sole drink with crystal salt from the Himalayan region is particularly effective. This salt was formed around 250 million years ago when the primordial oceans dried out. It is so pure that it can be consumed without further processing. Crystal salt is free of chemical additives and has a high content of minerals and trace elements in a ratio similar to that in the human body.

Sole drink improves the well-being, revives the metabolism, purifies and deacidifies the body and has a balancing effect on disharmonies of the organism.

Thanks to its high potassium content, a long-term drinking cure balances the acid-base balance and can break up and eliminate deposits in joints and vessels. Therefore, you should always drink enough still water.

How to prepare a crystal salt sole?

  • Place several salt crystals in a clean, sealable glass.
  • Fill up so much still mineral water that the crystals are well covered.
  • The crystals dissolve slowly until a ready-to-use, 26 percent saturated solution is obtained.
  • The crystals are no longer dissolving.
  • When the concentrated brine is running low, add more water.
  • The crystals continue to dissolve until saturation is reached again.
  • Make sure that there is always a crystal visible in the concentrated brine. This ensures that the brine is saturated.

Instructions for Sole Drink

  • Take a teaspoon of brine from the glass in which you have prepared the 26-percent crystal brine.
  • Put it in a glass and fill it with spring water.
  • It is best to drink the diluted brine solution every morning after getting up on an empty stomach. In addition, it is recommended to drink at least 2.5 litres of water per day.
  • However, the application can also be spread over the whole day. Add a teaspoon of brine to a litre of water and drink it throughout the day.
  • An initial deterioration indicates the purifying effect of the brine. If necessary, reduce the amount or discontinue the drinking cure and drink more still water.


Beware of renal insufficiency and salt-sensitive high blood pressure. Use sole drop by drop if necessary.