Sole Mud

Sole mud is a 100 percent natural product that originates in Bavarian salt mines. The crystallized components are mined, grounded and mixed with spring water.

Method of Action

Aging is a dehydration process of the cells. The high salt content of the Sole mud counteracts dehydration because the salt binds the moisture in the cells.

Sole mud also contains valuable trace elements and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and silica. The delicate microparticles of the clay have a high absorbency and can bind sebum, bacteria, scaly skin and dirt particles. The skin's surface is cleaned and dead scales are gently loosened: The skin can breathe again. The skin feels smooth once again and refreshed with elasticity.

At the same time salt, minerals and trace elements are absorbed to bind moisture and promote blood circulation.

Best used for:

Used in a facial mask, Sole mud supports the regeneration of the skin, cleans deep into the pores, reduces wrinkles and visibly tightens the upper layers of the skin. Sole mud is also suitable for the treatment of acne and blemished, stressed skin.

In addition to its use as a face mask, sole mud can also be used in the treatment of cellulite, for example on the upper arms or thighs, or as a cold or warm compress for joint pain, sprains and strains.


Woman with Sole facial mask

In use as a facial mask, avoid the eye area and lips.

Allow the mask to dry for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse off the mask with water and pat the skin dry: Do not rub.

Instructions for Sole Mud Envelope

Apply the Sole mud to affected area. Attention: Do not apply on open wounds!

If you desire a cold or warming effect, place a wet cold or warm cloth over the Sole mud application and let it rest for about 30 to 60 minutes. Then rinse off with water.