Lifestyle choices are key to whether we stay healthy or get sick. Smokers should not complain about coughing, shortness of breath and haggard skin, while those who consume 5,000 calories a day should not be surprised about steadily increasing weight. A conscious lifestyle and thoughtful self-care are a guarantee to a healthy life.


Sufficient daily exercise is just as important as good nutrition. Exercise reduces stress, keeps blood vessels young, regulates blood pressure, lowers bad LDL cholesterol, protects joints and bones from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and also keeps your figure in shape.

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Body and psyche are unified and influence each other. A hectic lifestyle, constant availability, shortened rest periods, and pressure from all sides of life burden our mental balance and can result in illnesses.

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Maintaining physical and mental health until an old age presents a big challenge. It is not accomplished with medication, but rather through good lifestyle choices. Conscious living is the best form of prevention and the key to a long and healthy life with dignity.

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