10 Commandments of Staying Young

The dream of eternal youth and beauty is as old as mankind itself. You may have wondered why some people at the age of 50 have the vitality and appearance of a 30 year old. Of course, genetic factors play a certain role, but each of us can influence the aging process through certain behaviors and actions. Here is an overview of the 10 most important actions:

1. No smoking

In addition to its well-known harmful effects on health, smoking also reduces blood circulation to the skin and thus promotes the formation of wrinkles. A wrinkle correction for smokers lasts only half as long as for non-smokers!

2. Sufficient sleep

Sleep means relaxation and regeneration for the body. During the sleep phase, cell detoxification and repair take place. Therefore, you should sleep seven hours a day. At best, in a dark and cool bedroom, which stimulates the release of melatonin -- the sleep and repair hormone -- in higher concentrations.

3. Healthy nutrition

Eighty percent of our diseases stem from poor nutrition. Not only do we eat too much, but often we eat the wrong food at the wrong time. Healthy food should be as natural and wholesome as possible, with complex carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, salads, whole grains, nuts), vegetable oils (olive oil, rapeseed oil) and high-quality protein (fish, legumes, lean meat, dairy products).

4. Moderate consumption of stimulants

Coffee and alcohol strain the stomach and liver, while sweets disturb the balance of the intestinal flora and strain the metabolism. That is why you should take these stimulants -- if at all -- only to a small extent and not daily.

5. Drink enough

Sufficient hydration in the form of water is important for digestion and cleansing in the body. Drink between 1.5 and 3 liters (6 to 12 cups) or 30 ml per kg body weight (2.2 ounces per pound body weight) daily, depending on your body weight.

6. Healthy bowel = beautiful skin

The skin is the mirror of the intestine. Impure skin, especially around mouth, always indicates a disturbed intestinal flora. Therefore, pay attention to maintaining good digestion and healthy levels of intestinal bacteria!

7. Physical activity

Running, cycling, swimming: Physical exercise stimulates blood circulation, activates metabolism, burns fat and stimulates the production of hormones responsible for a youthful appearance in addition to other important bodily functions.

8. Avoid too much sun

The body and especially the face should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because beyond the known dangers (e.g. skin cancer), the elastic tissue of the skin known as collagen fibers will break down prematurely from ultraviolet radiation. A beautiful tan can also be achieved in the shade.

9. Take care of skin

The skin loses elasticity and moisture with age. Good care can help to reduce the damage. When possible, choose high-quality natural cosmetics.

10. Relax

In our modern, hectic world, everyone should master at least one relaxation technique in order to be able to switch off and find inner calm. Whether yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, breath training, or standard meditation, choose a technique that suits you best.