Working out at the gym

You want to build muscles with targeted strength training, you like to train with like-minded people, and you appreciate the support of athletic professionals.

Then belonging to a gym is the right thing for you!

Building muscle mass through strength training

We burn our fat through our muscles. So we need extra muscle mass if we want to lose weight permanently. The number of muscle fibers is fixed, but what we can change through training is the thickening of the muscle fibers. And this is exactly what happens during strength training.

During strength training, tiny tears occur in the muscle fiber, which are then repaired by so-called satellite cells that dock onto the injured muscle fiber and produce protein; that is, muscle mass. However, the muscle only grows when you injure it, which means that the force load on the muscle constantly increases. This is the only way to thicken muscle fibers and increase metabolism in the long term.

During strength training we do not burn any fat, because the muscle switches from burning oxygen to burning sugar, as the blood and oxygen supply is suppressed by muscle tension. After strenuous exercise, however, the fat reserves are replenished in the so-called afterburning effect.

Circuit training

During circuit training we train endurance, get our heart and circulation pumping, and charge up our metabolism as well as our fat burning.

A circuit is designed so that each exercise strengthens a different part of the body. With each exercise, do as many repetitions as possible in one minute. After a break of ten to twenty seconds, move on to the next exercise until the entire course has been completed. Take a break of about four minutes until the second rep begins. Do the circuit three times a week.