Movement in the office

It doesn't matter which exercise you choose, rather that you actually do it! If you already know exercises that you like, stick with them. Those who need suggestions can find exercises on this website that can be done anytime and anywhere. You need neither equipment nor a special exercise outfit. If you practice regularly, the benefits won't take long to show.

Abdominal muscle training

Move your chair back from your desk, sit upright, place both hands on the table and tighten your abdominal muscles. Hold the tension and count to ten, then release the tension.

Now lift your bent knees five times over the edge of the table, hold the tension briefly and slowly lower your legs again without touching the floor with your feet.

Repeat these two exercises a total of ten times.

Shoulder girdle and arm muscle training

With your arms held apart at a distance of about one meter, use both hands to lean against a stable object, such as your desk or a shelf. (The lower the support, the more difficult the exercise.)

Now tighten the abdominal and gluteal (butt) muscles and perform a modified push-up. Be sure not to let your lower back sag. Legs, bottom and upper body must be kept in line.

Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Leg muscle training

It still counts as one of the most effective exercises for the leg muscles: The classic knee bends.

Place your legs at a distance a little wider than your hips and hold your arms apart or forward to keep your balance.

With your upper body upright, bend your knees only so far that you can get up again without help.

Repeat the exercise 20 to 30 times.

Breathe for ten minutes!

Use your lunch break to take a few steps in fresh air! After lunch, go for a 10-minute brisk walk and take a deep breath.

This clears your head, stimulates digestion and metabolism, and strenghtens your ability to concentrate.