Successful and Happy through Positive Thinking

A positive attitude to life is the gateway to success, happiness and contentment. People with depression often believe that they are no good, and if something goes well, it is only through coincidence. But by deliberately changing our point of view, we can master many life situations. The glass is half full, not half empty!

A positive inner attitude displays itself in an upright, proud posture. A positive person has a charisma that attracts other people. Thinking positive makes life easier. It gives strength and energy, and supports every goal.

Indian wisdom says:

If challenges seem insurmountable and everything is a one-way street, then move to a new place. Stand in another corner to change your point of view, because from there, everything looks different again. Suddenly, there seems to be a way.

Obstacles to positive thinking:

  • Habits that bring us to a standstill
  • Being stuck in the past
  • Fixed expectations of oneself and others
  • Judgment and prejudices
  • Mental blocks
  • Concerns about things you cannot control
  • Things that make us unhappy
  • Stress
  • Negative thoughts

Letting go means not clinging to something. If we only ever talk about losing weight and we get stuck on the thought, then often nothing works. Only when we relax, suddenly the problem seems to resolve itself.

Lighten up:

  • Accept your imperfections
  • Say yes to new opportunites, and accept everything life has to offer
  • Love and accept yourself, both inside and out
  • Be a good person

Positive thinking also means you can think about things that you don't like so much about yourself. More to the point, about whether and how you can and want to change those things. But very consciously and slowly!