Setting and Achieving Goals

I can do this!

You can halt diseases, quit smoking or lose 15 kilos -- if we really want to. We show you strategies you can use to program your brain to set new goals and strengthen your will.

Set a goal

Think about your goal. It should be realistic. Suppose you want to do something for your health, your well-being and your ideal weight.

  • What is your ideal weight?
  • What is your dream body?
  • What does being slim actually mean?

Each of us probably has a different approach, and that's a good thing. Each of us also has a different physique. A study by a large health insurance company in Germany showed that only three percent of all German women wear clothes of size 36 (US 4). Three percent has become the benchmark for all women?

It is important to recognize that advertising and media present a false world. It does not reflect the broad masses. People in these tough businesses need to earn their money with their bodies. But are they comfortable and happy? It is good to question these "role models" very critically. What really matters in life? Appearance? Compare your personal needs with reality. What do you want to achieve for yourself? What is really important to you? What brings you true satisfaction? Think about these questions consciously and write down your goals and wishes.

  • I want to be healthy and slim!
  • I can achieve anything in life if I really want to!
  • I am good, strong-willed, confident and happy!

Your subconscious will accept what it is told. It doesn't ask, "Is that right or wrong?" To the subconscious, where change can really happen, a negative signal is the same as a positive.

Say several times a day:

  • I will succeed!
  • I can!
  • I want!
  • I am!

Soon you will notice a positive development!