The Power of Mind

A strong will needs conscious thinking

Unlike animals, humans have free will. With every conscious decision we make, we trigger a brain activity in which move away from established structures and make new connections. In other words, we drop old habits and create new ones.

A strong will requires concentration

Concentrate on a goal by visualizing how you feel after reaching it, both in the morning as you wake up and in evening before you fall asleep. Imprinting this feeling on your subconscious will help you achieve your goal. During the day, however, you should not give it any more thought.

A strong will needs an appointment

The brain likes clear directions. Therefore, it's best to choose a fixed date to start your change. Once you've made a decision, get to work on your goal within 48 hours. Otherwise, the good intentions will fizzle out. When faced with big events such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays such as Christmas or Easter, it's better to postpone the implementation of changes. Festivities can prevent you from sticking to your decision.

A strong will requires discipline

Every change in habit requires energy. The good news is that the brain easily learns new things. After three weeks, new connections in the brain turn what you have just learned into a habit. So with just three weeks of discipline and stamina, you have learned new things!

A strong will needs courage to make a fresh start

There will be days when you have let your goal fall aside. This makes it even more important to start fresh the next day, and to focus firmly on your goal again. Don't let a small slip discourage you in order to stay true to your goal.

A strong will needs friends

Not all people need allies to achieve their goals, but for many it helps to share experiences with like-minded people. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.