Food as medicine

Drugs are not only available in pharmacies. Biochemists have discovered in recent years through state-of-the-art technology, that fruit and vegetables contain innumerable healing substances in different compositions to combat many diseases. The active substances that plants have developed in a process lasting several million years in order to survive themselves also help people who consume the plant. Food as medicine: Animals have always used these healing substances instinctively. When they fall ill or feel unhealthy, the animals often wander for miles in search of a particular plant that contains special healing substances. Even the apparently poorest plant on the roadside contains extremely bioactive substances that are eaten by animals to keep them healthy.

All plants develop their own protective substances against, for example, free radicals caused by sunlight, and against bacteria, fungi and viruses or larger animals such as mice or birds. And they also produce the so-called flavonoids, which are supposed to protect proteins, enzymes or vitamins in roots, shaft, flower or leaf from internal destruction.

Because nature produces an almost infinite variety of plant forms, there are also unimaginably different active plant substances. However, the substances often do not work in isolation, but rather in a natural combination. This explains why drugs produced from individually isolated plant substances --even if they are highly concentrated -- are not effective as those from the whole plant. It is very helpful in treating illness to know about food as medicine!