Types of Drinking Water

Sparking water, spring water, tap water: We can choose among a variety of different drinking waters. Discover the differences and what they mean here!

Mineral water

Mineral water originates from underground and pollutant-protected reservoirs and is bottled directly at the source. If the water reaches the surface without conveying technology, i.e. by pumping, it is referred to as artesian spring water. The surface water passes through various layers of rock on its way into the depths and is thus subject to a natural filtration process. In this way, the water releases mineral salts and trace elements from the rock, which gives the water its taste.

The ingredients of mineral water may only vary insignificantly. Water samples must be analyzed at regular intervals to ensure consistent quality. In Germany, only natural mineral water is officially approved.

Mineral water must be "naturally pure" and must not be treated chemically or by filter technology. Only certain treatment processes are legally permitted, such as the addition of ozone or carbon acid, and the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic and sulfur, as long as the original character of the water is not changed.

Spring water

Spring water also originates from underground and pollutant-protected reservoirs and is bottled directly at the source. It must be "naturally pure" and must not be processed chemically or by filter technology, with the exception of the processes described above. Spring water is subject to the same requirements as mineral water, but no official approval is required.

Tap water

Tap water comes from groundwater and surface water and must be treated by the water sanitation centers before it can be consumed. The quality of tap water varies greatly from region to region. The structure and composition of the water are partly destroyed by the pressure in the pipes.

Bottled water

Bottled water is ordinary tap water treated with carbon acid or other artificial additives.

Medicinal water

Medicinal or healing water occupies a special position among spa treatments. Although it is a natural mineral water, due to its special composition it is not declared as a food but rather as a medicine. Therapeutic efficacy must be proven for medicinal waters, which in Germany is subject to a medical law.

Medicinal water should not be included within a daily water requirement, but rather drunk as a cure over a limited period of time for the treatment of certain complaints. Healing water can be used internally as a drinking cure or externally in medical baths.