Conventional Mixed Diet

A mixed diet is, as far as food selection is concerned, the most widespread form of nutrition in the western world. In addition to vegetables, foods such as bread, pasta, vegetables, legumes, potatoes, salads, fruit and oils, animal products from live animals (milk, dairy products, eggs) and dead animals (meat, sausages, fish, fish products) are also consumed. Stimulants such as alcohol and sweets are also part of the mixed diet.

The mixed diet would seem suitable for supplying people with all the important nutrients. The fact that this is often not the case depends largely on the quality of the individual foods, the quantitative composition of the foods, and the chosen method of preparation.

In this context, food processing plays a decisive role. In general, a food is healthier the more it is eaten in its natural state. But all too often white bread, sweets and fast food are preferred to fresh fruit, vegetables or wholemeal products. The typical person also consume lots of coffee, alcohol and soft drinks containing sugar.

The consequence of this diet is obvious: In Germany, from where I come, 60 percent of people are overweight with all the resulting illnesses.