Mazdaznan Diet

The diet theory goes back to the prophet Zarathustra, whose goal was to reach a higher cultural level. In addition to a special diet, a moderate living style and breathing and meditation techniques are recommended. Gluttony and indulgence are regarded as the roots of physical and mental illnesses, arrogance and cultural decay.

The Constitution Types

The Mazdaznan diet defines three types of constitution, for each of which there exists special nutritional recommendations.

The material type should mainly consume raw and cooked cereals, salad and lots of local fruit. Dairy products and eggs are also permitted.

The intellectual type should eat cooked cereals, baked vegetables and exotic fruits. Dairy products and eggs should be avoided.

The spiritual type experiences the greatest restriction in food selection. This person should eat mainly raw fruit, cereals and lots of vegetables. Dairy products should be strictly avoided. The spiritual type is said to have the best possibilities to reach the highest levels of the Mazdaznan teachings.

Food Selection

The Mazdaznan diet is a vegetarian or vegan diet, depending on the type of constitution. Eggs and dairy products are allowed or forbidden depending on the type. Staple foods are whole grain cereals and vegetables, as in the vegan diet. In terms of quantity, a meal should consist of two thirds vegetables and one third foods containing protein and fat. In addition, there are rules for the composition of food, similar to those in the Hay diet. Foods that contain similar nutrients, such as proteins, should not be combined because they interfere with digestion. Coffee, black tea and alcohol are allowed in moderation, drinking distilled water is recommended.


An evaluation depends on the nutritional recommendations of each diet type. While the diet of the material type has the least restrictions and largely corresponds to the ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet, the spiritual type is a strict vegan diet with its known cautions. The recommendation to drink distilled water is viewed skeptically, as distilled water binds valuable minerals and thus washes them from the body.