Are you acidic?

Answer the following questions with "Yes" or "No." You can use test to quickly determine whether you are "overacidified" or not.

  Yes No
Is your tongue coated or furry, or does it have fine cracks?    
Do you have a common cold?    
Do you crave candy?    
Do you have digestive problems such as flatulence?    
Do you suffer from cold feet or hands?    
Do you have periodontal disease?    
Do you suffer from bad breath or body odor?    
Do you often have cramps in your calves?    
Do you have brittle, cracked nails or nail fungus on your toes?    
Do you suffer from allergies or hay fever?    
Is your hair dull, dry or your scalp flaky?    
Does your skin itch often and flare up easily?    
Must you burp often?    
Does your gut have any fungal problems?    
Do you often suffer from migraines or headaches for no apparent reason?    
Are you diabetic?    
Has your doctor diagnosed gout or kidney or gallstones?    


If you answered "yes" three times or more, your body may be over-acidified. Follow the dietary recommendations, drink plenty of non-carbonated water and exercise daily. Breathe in and out ten times deeply several times a day, preferably in the fresh air.