The Optimal Nutrient Mix

Supply your body with the right nutrient mix so that it gets what it needs based on its biorhythm and what it can most optimally use, so you can get through the day full of energy!


Breakfast gives us the fuel to start the day full of energy. Our digestive system is the most active in the morning. This is why we can also tolerate heartier foods. Make sure to eat wholesome products; for example, wholemeal bread instead of white bread, fresh fruit instead of fruit juices. Ham, cheese and eggs also make for a good breakfast. With a good breakfast, you can make it through to lunch without cravings and snacks.


A balanced, varied menu is recommended for lunch; for example, vegetables and salads with pasta, potatoes or rice paired with fish, poultry or meat. As for dessert, fresh fruit and desserts made from quark -- sometimes hard to find in the US, but worth searching for at a natural food store -- are ideal.


Dinner should be light, i.e. steamed fish or poultry in combination with vegetables or salads. If you don't like raw vegetables in the evening, you can use cooked vegetables, also prepared as salads. In winter, warm soups are also suitable for dinner. If you want to lose weight or keep your weight, we recommend that you avoid bread, noodles, potatoes, rice and above all sweets in the evening. The "fattening hormone" insulin, which is released in large quantities when these foods are consumed, inhibits the burning of fat during sleep. Avoid drinks that increase insulin levels in the blood, such as juices, spritzers or alcohol. The ideal drink after dinner is water.

For these reasons, it is important to avoid all foods and drinks that increase insulin levels in the blood in the evening. Most of the fat is burned during the resting period at night. Therefore, dinner as early as possible, usually between 18.00 and 20.00 hours. When it gets late, there should be at least three hours between the last meal and bedtime.

Fat Burning during Sleep

Sleep is not only the longest and most effective fat burning phase of the day, but also the time the body uses to replenish and repair the body cells. Learn to use this time effectively for yourself and support your body by following the rules described above. If you eat the right thing at the right time, you will soon look good not just in your dreams!