Salt Applications

Salt is vital for our body. Without salt our body could not hold water and would dry out. All metabolic processes in our body are made possible with the help of salt. No movement, no thought could do without salt.

Our ancestors already knew that salt was vital, and therefore guarded salt deposits like a precious treasure. Salt was more important than gold to the people of that time. But the table salt that is used today in the kitchen is no longer the salt considered so valuable to our ancestors. Because it is no longer a natural salt, but a refined chemical product, reduced to the substances sodium and chloride.

What is crystal salt?

Crystal salt was formed by tectonic earth shifts about 250 million years ago. The sheltered water of the primordial sea evaporated, leaving behind salt with all of its natural minerals and trace elements. High pressure conditions allowed it to mature into one of the purest natural salt deposits on earth. Today it is stored at a depth of about 600 to 900 meters (1/3 to 1/2 mile), protected from environmental influences in the belly of the earth. This is the reason why crystal salt, unlike most sea salts, requires no further purification. It is processed by hand according to ancient tradition: Selected, washed in brine, dried in the sun and gently ground. In its entirety, crystal salt represents a particularly high-quality form of natural salt. It is free of environmental pollution and any chemical, artificial additives. Its characteristic pink color is due to its naturally contained minerals. Formerly reserved for kings, it is now conquering the health scene. People have rediscovered salt as a valuable food, natural remedy and cosmetic. Brine-drinking cures, salt baths, nasal and eye rinses are popular salt applications which keep the body healthy and powerful.