Meaning of Nutrition

The importance of nutrition

80 percent of all diseases in the western world stem from poor nutrition. These lifestyle diseases include, for example, fat metabolism disorders, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, gout and other joint diseases and allergies.

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Health and nutrition

Whether a person stays healthy or develops an illness can depend quite a bit on how he or she eats. Conscious nutrition is the key to health and well-being. A healthy, balanced diet can prevent and even cure many health problems with serious consequences.

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Food choice, food preparation and style of eating depend very much on one's habitat and culture, and are therefore subject to strong regional differences. Therefore, no one correct form of nutrition can exist.

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Food science

Food science focuses on food ingredients, along with their production, processing and preservation. In the course of industrialization, processing and manufacturing play an increasingly important role.

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Food energy values

In order to make the right food choices, one needs to know about protein, fat and carbohydrates. One also needs information about the glycemic index, energy density values, and the purine levels found within these foods.

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Food as medicine

Fruit and vegetables contain innumerable healing substances, which in different compositions guard against many diseases. The active substances that plants developed over millions of years in order to protect themselves can also help the people who eat them.

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