Foods containing lactose

The following foods contain milk or lactose in large quantities and are therefore not suitable or only suitable in small quantities (slight form of lactose intolerance):

Food group Food
Milk/milk products Milk, cheese*, dried milk, pudding, mixed drinks, cocoa, desserts, coffee whitener, condensed milk, cream, sour cream, soured milk*, kefir*, yoghurt*, sour milk*, whey*, quark, cottage cheese, processed cheese, cheese preparations
Bread/bakery products Milk, milk powder or the like may be contained in: Bread and cake baking mixes, milk rolls, waffles, cakes, biscuits, crisps, crackers
Prepared food/prepared dishes Pizza, frozen ready meals, canned food, frozen preparations, e.g. : Meat or vegetable preparations
Sweets Ice cream, chocolate, cream and caramel sweets, sweet bars, nougat, nut nougat cream, pralines
Meat and sausages Sausages (e.g. scalded sausages), liver sausage, fat-reduced sausage products, canned sausages
Instant products Instant soups, instant sauces, instant creams, mashed potato powder, dumpling powder, baking mixes
Ready-made sauces Gourmet sauces, grilled sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise
More products Muesli mixtures, margarine products, spread creams